VOLGGER Studio Genderequal fashion VOLGGER Studio is a young, Austrian genderequal fashion brand based in Vienna.  Founded by the sisters Regina & Jasmin VOLGGER,

VOLGGER Studio convinces with timeless and rich in detail genderequal fashion.  The brand uses production facilities around Europe to produce its high quality denim wear next to a fine selection of natural fabric based pieces.

Gender equality, sustainability, transparency and quality – these are the core principles of VOLGGER Studio.  The CORE collection is‚ a year-round collection consisting of 60 designs in total. The collection contains besides jeans also tops, shirts, jackets, coats as well as knit. Discreet color shades such as blue, black, grey, beige and white dominate the range of colors.  All VOLGGER Studio materials are manufactured in Europe in a sustainable and environment-friendly way.  An essential aspect of the VOLGGER Studio philosophy is addressing gender issues. The importance of gender equality and fair treatment beyond gender stereotypes is reflected in the products of VOLGGER Studio.