The label SABINE KARNER was founded in 2001 and is based in the first district of Vienna. The in Austria wellknown designer celebrates feminine lines with attention to details. The woman per se is the source of inspiration of SABINE KARNER, her Ready To Wear collections are chic and sporty at the same time. You will find outfits for every day, as well as evening dresses and wedding dresses - everything that makes a woman's heart beat faster!

In the current Fall/Winter 18/19, a print specially developed by SABINE KARNER ensures individuality. Handpainted fabrics, overlong fringes and feather details complete the design. The diverse combinable pieces are an expression of modern strength and create an authentic style. Carried with a smile, the collection allows scope for one's own personality.

Well-known personalities appreciate her design, for example top model Lena Gercke, musician Christina Stürmer, presenter Johanna Setzer, actress Katharina Stemberger, presenter Claudia Stöckl, Souldiva Dorretta Carter and many more.