Innovation is the realisation of utopias, thus the trademark of FAINA.  Her jewellery is a sublime combination of aesthetics, while being surprisingly comfortable to wear.  Her artisanal accessories follow elegant forms of astonishing beauty – at the edge of time and even a step ahead.

Using feather-light materials from state-of-the-art technologies and the mix of art and pop culture makes each piece of jewellery unique and extraordinary.  Clasps and enclosures are thoroughly attached in the creating process which guarantees high quality products and comfort while wearing. 

Fair trade and sustainable production are indespensable and an important matter in the procurment of the materials. The mastermind behind this progressive and vangardist label is the artist Faina Willenig herself who is passionate and enthusiastic about her detailed and well-thought out designs.  Feel the FAINA

Wether it is about setting new trends through an appropriate accessory or an unqiue costum piece:  it has never been easier to wear contemporary art with Faina’s designs.