With the new Spring / Summer collection, which was presented at the Paris Fashion Week, Claus Tyler takes his designs to one of the most beautiful spots on the European Riviera.

Complex  shades of blue are a tribute to a radiant early summer's day and the calm sea, reflecting the color of the sky. The tropical vegetation of the coast is in full bloom, which is captured in warm yellow tones and turquoise-green nuances of foliage, which inspired the masters of Impressionism to their finest works.

Dynamic prints play a major role in this new collection. Floral, abstract elements can be found on the highest quality materials such as silk or sustainable blends of materials and transport in a unique way a mood that dreams of balmy summer evenings and a touch of wanderlust bud.

This season, CLAUS TYLER surprises  with its favorite items for every day - casual, easy, sophisticated. Extravagant cuts meet characteristic materials, which at first glance are reminiscent of the classic men's wardrobe. A special highlight sets designer Claus Tyler with the reinterpretation of the tuxedo - in soft colors or dazzling black emphasizes this creation the strong femininity of the wearer. Sneakers or high heels - everything is allowed.