Claus Tyler shows the perfect symbiosis of feminin alignment and characteristic textures in his new collection, which includes glamorous gowns as well as a range of casual two-pieces. The convertible dynamic of the creations can be found in the agile shape and the manifold choose of fabrics. Liquid Crystal shows the talent of the designer for the interplay of form and texture.

Elegant black, combined with metallic elements is dominating this trend-setting collection and gives a grand entrance to the different textures and surfaces. Beside exquisitely made embroidery and stunning new combination of fabrics Liquid Crystal is showing the multifunctional use of dramatic sequined creations – the interaction of mate, sparking and printed elements plays with the luminescence of the material and creates some highlights in this fall/winter-collection. Bright nuances of jewels complete the color-range of the collection. Emerald and ruby nobles draped gowns and tempting transparent sapphire plays with the feminine silhouette. Liquid Crystal is accomplished by finest pleated elements, which gives a touch of easiness and fluidity to the designers creations.